Decisive Battle on the Ice! Pikachu VS Vivillon!! (氷上決戦!ピカチュウVSビビヨン!!)
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Season: Pokémon the Series: XY Char. of the Day: Viola
Episode №: #807 Main: Ash, Serena, Clemont, Bonnie
Aired: JapanFlag Nov-14-2013 Recurring: Alexa
UnitedStatesFlag TBD
Opening Theme: [[]] Minor: Viola
Badge(s): 22x22px Setting: Santalune City, Santalune City Gym
Pokémon: Ash's Pikachu, Viola's Vivillon, Ash's Froakie, Ash's Fletchling, Clemont's Dedenne, Alexa's Helioptile, Alexa's Noivern, Viola's Surskit
Major event(s)
Ash wins the Bug Badge. Serena joins Ash and co.
Pokémon the Series: XY


After losing to Viola, Ash decides to take in some special training in order to try and counter her slippery/sticky strategy, with help from Alexa, Clemont and Froakie. Will he be able to beat her this time around, and does Ash remember the new girl he just met?

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  • This episode is the second one in which Ash earns a badge after a Gym Leader's debut. The first was in BW006: Dreams by the Yard Full!.
  • It is revealed in this episode that Serena knew Ash from the time they were at Professor Oak's Pokémon Summer Camp way back when they were little in Pallet Town.


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