Zossie is a character appearing in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.


Zossie is a slender girl with blue skin and ginger hair tied in a braid which pokes out from underneath her helmet. She also wears a white and dark teal bodysuit with the Ultra Recon Squad logo on it. Her eyes are light blue with light red irises.


Unlike other members of the Ultra Recon Squad, Zossie is more cheerful, lively, and curious. She also loves Pokémon and Alola culture.



Zossie is a member of the Ultra Recon Squad. Her partner is Dulse.

In Pokémon Ultra Sun, she and Dulse travel around Alola to get information on the customs of Alolans, about the Ultra Wormholes, and to find some way to calm down The Blinding One.

In Pokémon Ultra Moon, she and Dulse remain at Ultra Megalopolis waiting for the player character to defeat Necrozma. After that, she asks which Pokémon the player character would like to use to return to Alola. The player character can come back to Ultra Megalopolis and talk to Zossie if he/she wants to trade between Solgaleo or Lunala to travel around the Ultra Womholes.


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  • She is named after the Zostera marina family, a species of seaweed.


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