Zook is a minor antagonist that appears in the game Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness.


Zook is a large, muscular man that wears a red t-shirt and red shorts. He also has a blond mohawk.


Zook thinks very highly of himself, especially after taking a Shadow Pokémon. He is also easy to anger, as he yelled at Jovi after she accidentally ran into him.


Zook is first seen after Jovi runs into him at Gateon Port. He is angry at Jovi for "messing up his looks" and continues to yell at her. However, Jovi hides behind her older brother Michael and Zook prepares to fight him thinking he will be a better opponent to beat. He then sends out his Shadow Zangoose to fight but suddenly, a strange old man with two men stop him. One of the men easily defeats Zook in battle and he is forced to retreat. He is later seen at Cipher Key Lair wanting revenge on Michael saying the men from earlier aren't there to protect him that time. Zook is also upset that he was forced to watch guard over the entrance of the Key Lair due to Gorigan's orders. However, he is once again defeated and is not seen again for the remainder of the game.


Gateon Port

Cipher Key Lair

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