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Zoey Misdreavus.png
Zoey Misdreavus.png|As Misdreavus
Zoey Misdreavus Double Team.png
Zoey Misdreavus Double Team.png|Using Double Team as Misdreavus
Zoey Misdreavus Confuse Ray.png
Zoey Misdreavus Confuse Ray.png|Using Confuse Ray as Misdreavus
Zoey Misdreavus Shock Wave.png
Zoey Misdreavus Shock Wave.png|Using Shock Wave as Misdreavus
Zoey Mismagius Leafeon Double Team.png
Zoey Mismagius Leafeon Double Team.png|Using Double Team along with Leafeon
Zoey Mismagius Shock Wave.png
Zoey Mismagius Shock Wave.png|Using Shock Team
Zoey Mismagius Lucky Chant.png
Zoey Mismagius Lucky Chant.png|Using Lucky Chant

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Zoey's Mismagius is a Pokémon owned by Zoey.


Mismagius is one of Zoey's Pokémon she caught as a Misdreavus before Dawn's first Contest in Jubilife City. Misdreavus performed on the appeal stage of the contest and its appeal allowed Zoey to advance to the battle rounds. Misdreavus later appeared with Glameow to warn Ash, Dawn and Brock that Zoey was in trouble, as she got hurt.

Misdreavus was briefly seen during the Wallace Cup, defeating a Mothim, thus allowing Zoey to advance further in the competition. Before the Sinnoh Grand Festival, Zoey had Misdreavus evolve into Mismagius and learn some new moves.

It battled with Zoey's Leafeon against Nando's Kricketune and Lopunny. Mismagius and Leafon were put at an early disadvantage due to Kricketune's singing with Lopunny's dancing. However, Mismagius helped Zoey make a comeback with a Double Team trick and using Lucky Chant to counter Kricketune's Sing. At the end of the performance, Mismagius used Psywave to boost Leafeon and the incredible combination was enough to allow Zoey to advance to next round.

Known moves

Move Episode/Chapter
Zoey Mismagius Psywave
Double Team (move) Mounting A Coordinator Assault!
Confuse Ray Mounting A Coordinator Assault!
Shock Wave + Mounting A Coordinator Assault!
Lucky Chant + Coming Full-Festival Circle!
Psywave + Coming Full-Festival Circle!
+ indicates this Pokémon used this move recently.*
- indicates this Pokémon normally can't use this move.

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