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This Lumineon is a Water-type Pokémon owned by Zoey. It was initially caught as a Finneon.


As Finneon

Before the Wallace Cup, Zoey caught a Finneon, which she used in the first round of the Wallace Cup. Finneon started to swim in the water and used Silver Wind on the water. It then used Safeguard, giving itself a green glow, and went back into the water again, showing its beauty. Lastly, it used Waterfall and swam up the Waterfall for the finish.[1]

As Lumineon

Lumineon, along with Zoey's Gastrodon, was used in the first round of the Grand Festival. Using the water stage, Lumineon jumped up from the water and used Aqua Ring. Gastrodon used Water Pulse on Aqua Ring, creating some rings where both Lumineon and Gastrodon jumped through. Both Pokémon and Zoey then jumped on the whirlpools that raised from the rings, finishing their performance.[2] Zoey used both Gastrodon and Lumineon once again in the battle round.[3]

Known moves