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This Gastrodon is a Water/Ground-type Pokémon owned by Zoey. It was initially caught as a Shellos.


As Shellos

After Dawn caught a Buizel, Zoey remained behind and caught a Shellos.

The heroes found Zoey wounded, as she hurt her leg. Her Shellos was worried about her, but Zoey assured it that she was fine. The heroes tried to greet Shellos, who was shy around them. To practice for the next Contest, Zoey's Shellos used Mud Bomb, which combined with Glameow's Shock Wave and Hidden Power to turn into sparkles. Later, Zoey had a Double Battle against Jessilina, using her Glameow and Shellos against her Dustox and Seviper. Dustox fired Poison Sting, while Seviper's Poison Tail increased the speed of those needles. However, Glameow's Iron Tail and Shellos' Mud Bomb canceled the attack. Dustox went to retaliate with Psybeam, but missed. Instead, Glameow's Shadow Claw, powered with Shellos' Blizzard, defeated Jessilina's Pokémon.[1]

While on her way to Hearthome City with Ash and Brock, Dawn recalled her adventures so far on her journey, including Zoey and her Shellos.[2] Zoey used Glameow and Shellos for her Hearthome City performance. Shellos fired a Mud Bomb, which Glameow shattered with Iron Tail. After Glameow used a number of moves, Shellos fired a Water Pulse, to surround Glameow. The latter slashed its way through the water, causing a glittering effect to impress the audience.[3] Dawn later remembered Shellos and Glameow's two normally incompatible moves to form a combo, which made her think of her own combo attack.[4]

When Ash was battling in the Tag Battle with Paul, Ash recalled the combination which Glameow and Shellos used in the Hearthome Contest.[5] Zoey used Shellos during the Wallace Cup where it defeated a Mareep with Mud Bomb.[6] The heroes encountered some Shellos, who were blue, and they recalled Zoey having a Shellos but hers was pink and not blue.[7]

As Gastrodon

Gastrodon, along with Zoey's Lumineon, was used in the first round of the Grand Festival. Using the water stage, Gastrodon jumped up from the water and used Water Pulse on Lumineon's Aqua Ring, creating some rings where both Lumineon and Gastrodon jumped through. Both Pokémon and Zoey then jumped on the whirlpools that raised from the rings, finishing their performance.[8] Zoey used both Gastrodon and Lumineon once again in the battle round.[9] Gastrodon then battled alongside Glameow in the quarterfinals to help Zoey have a place in the semifinals.[10]

Known moves

Move notes

  1. ^ Gastrodon knew this move as a Shellos, but executed it in 'DP174: Last Call—First Round!'

Improvised moves