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For the variant appearing in The Electric Tale of Pikachu, see Zippo (ETP).

This Charmeleon, nicknamed Zippo, is a Fire-type Pokémon owned by Ritchie.


As Charmander

Ritchie used Charmander to use Slash to break the wall, so he and Ash were able to confront Team Rocket.[1]

Charmander faces Charizard in the Indigo League.

Ritchie then used Zippo in his battle in the Indigo Plateau Conference against Ash. It used Flamethrower against Ash's Pikachu but Pikachu was able to dodge it. Zippo then used Tackle on Pikachu, knocking Pikachu out after attempting to stand up. Ash recalled his Pikachu and sent out his Charizard. Zippo approached Charizard but Charizard used Flamethrower which chased Zippo. Ritchie then decided to recall Zippo and send Pikachu, Sparky, out.[2]

Ritchie also used Zippo to use Flamethrower on Team Rocket. Due to Weezing's Smog, the Flamethrower ignited the smoke and burned Team Rocket.[3]

As Charmeleon

Ritchie joined the heroes and sent Zippo, who evolved into a Charmeleon, to battle Team Rocket. Zippo used Flamethrower in the air to warn Lugia that it would be captured. However, Butch's Hitmontop used Rolling Kick and Cassidy's Houndour used Flamethrower on Zippo and Misty's Politoed, so their trainers called them back.[4]

Inside Team Rocket's base, Ritchie had Zippo, along with Ash's Cyndaquil, fire Flamethrower at the cage to free Lugia, Silver.[5]

Known moves

Move notes

  1. ^ This move cannot normally be used by Charmander.