Zero Isle West is one of the four primary dungeons that compose Zero Isle. Explorers may not bring any items inside this dungeon. Instead, they must rely on what they can find inside. Various silks and other specialized items may be found within the dungeon, but Keys are required to obtain most of them.

Note: Party members will be temporarily reduced to Level 1 upon entering this dungeon. No items may be brought inside. All enemies are unrecruitable.

Dungeon Inhabitants

A random assortment of up to fourteen of the following appears on each floor.


Numerous Silks may be found within the reaches of Zero Isle West if one is able to procure a few Keys for the event. However, rare items such as Life Seeds and Ginseng alone can also make a trip worthwhile.

Even rarer items befitting legendary Pokémon may also be discovered in Zero Isle West, namely the Havoc Robe, the Heart Brooch, and the Eon Veil (all on B17F).

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