Zero Isle East is one of the four primary dungeons that compose Zero Isle. The main attractions of this dungeon are the White Silk found on B40F and the Deluxe Box that is found alongside it.

Note: Party members will be temporarily reduced to Level 1 upon entering this dungeon. Only 16 items may be brought inside. If the Treasure Bag contains more than 16 items, all items beyond the 16th slot will disappear upon entry. No Pokémon may be recruited.

Dungeon Inhabitants

A random assortment of up to fourteen of the following appears on each floor.


Zero Isle East holds little in terms of rewards when compared to its brethren, Zero Isle North and Zero Isle South. The White Silk on B40F is by far the rarest prize, but another silk may also be found. The Royal Silk lies on B20F, and it is readily available to any explorers with access to a Key. Other lesser treasures may be found along the way to B40F. The Edify Robe, the Charity Robe, and the Hope Robe can be obtained from locked boxes from B15F, but their use is limited. Unless Uxie, Mesprit, or Azelf are active members of the team, obtaining these items is generally not worth the effort required.

Additionally, it should be noted that Gold Ribbon appears in Zero Isle East. Explorers seeking easy wealth should stay on the lookout for this valuable item as they journey through the dungeon.

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