This Zeraora is an Electric-type Pokémon who appears in The Power of Us.


At first, all Zeraora wanted was to live in peace with the wild pokemon in the forest. But one day a girl named Margo was in danger and Zeraora had to blow it's cover and save her. By holding the rockslide up it was badly injured. Margo helped Zeraora recover from the injuries. Because of Margo's kindness to Zeraora they became quite good friends.

In the end Zeraora helped save Fula City from an enormous fire with the help from some other people and pokemon.


Zeraora does not trust humans so much because people try to catch it whenever they can. Zeraora is quite a serious pokemon and tries to protect everyone, even humans.

Known moves

  • Using Close Combat
  • Using Thunder Punch
  • Using Thunder
  • Using Plasma Fists

Voice actors

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