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Youngster is a Trainer Class introduced in Generation I. It is one of the oldest in-use classes. They are often depicted as young boys dressed in shorts while holding their Poké Balls with a distant pose. They are found early in the game, using Pokémon that can be found early in gameplay. They specialize in the Normal type (In Black and White and X and Y, they are seen using Bug types). Their female counterparts are Lasses.


All Youngsters wear shorts, caps without X and Y and Sun and Moon, and are light skinned, without Sun and Moon where they are dark skinned.

In RBY, they wear pale shirts with shorts, a baseball cap, and sneakers.

In GSC, they wear white shirts with a blue baseball cap, sneakers, and shorts.

In RSE, they wear a blue baseball cap, sneakers, and shorts, with a yellow shirt.

In FRLG, they wear a tan cap and shorts with a blue and white shirt and blue sneakers.

In DPPt and BDSP, they wear a red shirt and white socks with a dark blue cap, shorts, and sneakers.

In HGSS, they wear a blue cap, shorts, and sneakers with a yellow shirt.

In BW and B2W2, they wear an orange cap and shirt and black shorts and sneakers. In B2W2, they also make determined fists before battling.

In XY, they have brown hair and wear a blue hoodie and loafers with brown shorts.

In ORAS, they have brown hair and wear a yellow shirt with a blue Sableye head, deep blue shorts, and light blue cap and sneakers.

In SM, they have black hair and wear a white shirt with a Poké Ball necklace and white and blue shorts.

In LGPE, they have blue caps and sneakers, brown shorts, and white and yellow shirts with a Weedle head.


RB Battle Sprite

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  • This is usually the first battled non-important character in every game.
  • The most known Youngster is Joey of Johto claiming his Rattata is in the top percentage of all Rattata. He is often derided for his constant Pokégear calls regarding his Rattata that are of no use and oftentimes annoying. Note that he will still refer to his Raticate as a Rattata if re-battled and if the player calls him with the Pokégear.