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The Might of... Metapod?! (VSトランセル VS Metapod) is the 11th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 7.


As Lance goes after the Legendary Pokémon, Giovanni leaves Yellow, who faces Dragonite. Upon reading Dragonite's thoughts, Yellow sees that Lance's Pokémon trust him with their lives. However, Yellow faces Lance for the last time, with her Pokémon team prepared for the final battle.

Chapter plot

While Beedrill intimidates Lance, Lance simply laughs. Suddenly, something is glowing from Giovanni's chest. The power surges, causing the volcano to erupt, as a Badge comes out from Giovanni. Lance tells Giovanni that he knows a badge can allow a trainer to control Pokémon easily. However, Lance placed seven badges around the island. It is like the amplifier, like the wheel Team Rocket made. With the eight badge in the center, the amplifier is complete. Lance admits he wants to summon a spirit that brings the dawn.

Green gazes at her seventh Pokémon and notices a giant bird. She goes after it, wanting to catch it. Giovanni flees, so Lance tells he is a coward, but was pleased to have lured him here. Lance mounts on Aerodactyl, wanting to get closer to the Legendary Pokémon. He tells if he were to tame it, he can wipe humans from entire world. Yellow claims he is insane, as this will bring too much death and destruction. Lance flies up, leaving Dragonite to attack Yellow. Yellow asks it to stop, but notices Dragonite being exhausted and weak. She remembers it was in the lava and wanted to hide the weakness.

Yellow tells he will perish if he continues to fly. Yellow reads its thoughts, as Dragonite wants to obey its master, wanting to defeat the human race. Yellow agrees with that, but lets it know Lance is taking advantage of those feelings. However, his way is not better than any other Pokémon. Yellow asks her Pokémon to show humans can live with Pokémon in peace. Yellow faces Lance, whose Aerodactyl attacks. However, Yellow sent a Metapod, shocking Lance. Yellow sees she couldn't prevent the evolution, as she does not have the Pokédex with her. Yellow asks her Pokémon to lend her power to protect the world. Her Pokémon evolve, as Yellow promises to get Lance for these crimes.