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The Beedrill All and End All (VSスピアー, VS Beedrill) is the 10th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 7.


Giovanni appears, though Lance launches his massive attack. However, Giovanni's Beedrill comes out, dropping Lance and intimidating him using the stinger. Lance knows Giovanni's occupation, but smiles, for a new being approaches Cerise Island.

Chapter plot

Yellow and Lance stare at Giovanni, who came to battle. Pika is angry, though Yellow reads Pika's memories, as Pika battled Giovanni before. Yellow wonders if Giovanni is their ally or enemy. Giovanni taunts Lance, who orders Bubblebeam. Giovanni sees Lance's trick, so has Rhyhorn use Horn Attack and Stomp, bashing the bubbles. Rhyhorn bashed a boulder, causing a sandstorm that makes the bubbles visible again. Lance is angered, while Giovanni's Nidoqueen scratches the bubbles. Nidoqueen goes to pierce the main bubble, but fails, as that one withstood the heat of lava.

Lance's dragons use Hyper Beam, destroying everything. Giovanni drops a Poké Ball, then gets attacked by Hyper Beam. After the attack, a Beedrill comes out of the Ball Giovanni dropped. It uses Twineedle, causing Lance to fall down and bind him. Lance sees Giovanni is Viridian City's Gym Leader. Yellow heard of Giovanni, who was supposed to be unbeatable, but wonders what is he doing here. Giovanni tells even if he specializes in Ground-type Pokémon, he uses Beedrill as it evolved in Viridian Forest. Beedrill intimidates Lance by pointing the stinger at him. Yellow tries to stop Giovanni, who ignores her. Giovanni tells Lance that their organization is not defeated and will rise again.

Lance is pleased he faces a true opponent, even if he is a member of Team Rocket. Yellow remembers the organization, which is supposed to spread evil and chaos. Yellow is shocked, as this man, who was born in Viridian area, spread his evil onto the forest. Giovanni tells Lance to give up, who smiles, as a being comes to Cerise Island.






Giovanni mentioned he specializes in Earth Pokémon, though it is actually Ground Pokémon.