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Rhyhorn Rising (VSサイホーン, VS Rhyhorn) is the 9th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 7.


Just as Yellow thought Lance was defeated, he emerges from lava, as the dragons protected him. Lance's Pokémon attack using bubbles, which become invisible. Yellow makes a trap to defeat Lance, who manages to ignore it and attack Yellow. However, an unexpected ally saves her.

Chapter plot

Yellow sees Lance could not have survived falling into lava. Yellow realizes they cannot stay and needs to rejoin with her Pokémon. She notices her Pokémon lowered a vine, so she and Pika climb up. Pika notices something in the lava, but goes with Yellow. Yellow notices Pika wants to warn him. She turns around and sees Lance survived, whose Pokémon release bubbles. As the sun rises, Yellow gets hit, though she does not see any bubbles. She breaks her arm, so Kitty uses String Shot to make a bandage for Yellow. Her Pokémon fall down, as Dragonair and Gyarados use Bubble, which turns invisible as the sun's refraction turns the colors (red, blue and green) into white light, which cannot be seen directly.

Yellow jumps down to a boulder, while Kitty uses String Shot to cover the area, as Yellow needs to defeat these invisible bubbles. Yellow tells her plan to her Pokémon, as they cannot attack one at a time. The Pokémon run, while Lance's Dragonair and Gyarados attack using bubbles. Ratty attaches a string to itself, so when it vibrates, it warns Pika when to attack to counter the bubbles, while Omny will make a combo by soaking the threads. Gravvy launches Dody, who uses Drill Peck on Lance. However, Lance seems to be protected. He claims the threads slowed him down, but she does not have the power to defeat him, as he attacks.

Suddenly, a man saves Yellow from the attack. Yellow thanks him, but tells only a trainer from Viridian area can defeat Lance. However, the man claims he is also from Viridian area, his name being Giovanni.