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Double Dragonair (VSハクリュー, VS Dragonair) is the 8th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 7.


Pika saves Yellow from falling into the lava. Lance tracks down Yellow, wanting to defeat her once and for all. Yellow imitates Mewtwo's powers, making a lava vortex, making a counterattack.

Chapter plot

Yellow fell on a rock, which landed in the lava. Lance aims to finish Yellow, though Pika creates the surfboard, saving Yellow. Lance sees Pika saved Yellow, but knows it won't last long. Pika and Yellow surf on the lava, surprising Lance for that move. Lance rides Dragonite and comes close to Pika, trying to read his thoughts. Lance sees both Yellow and Pika grew up in Viridian Forest. Pika is enraged and attacks, though gets countered by Dragonite's Hyper Beam. Lance admits he also grew up in Viridian Forest, as he also has the same powers Yellow does. Pika and Dragonite clash, though Yellow does not understand why can Lance use his powers for destruction.

Pika strikes back. Lance tells Yellow she is a challenge to him, as he had to use four Dragonair against her: to fly through the sky, change the directions of energy blasts, to control the weather and finally force the opponents to attack. He admits he uses at least two for all his opponents, but he wonders how much will Yellow withstand the power of the five Pokémon he wields, as Lance states this is but a mere fraction of his power. Dragonite attacks Yellow and Pika, though Yellow, who, who is overwhelmed by the attack, tries to find a way to retaliate. She knows she is not Mewtwo's trainer, though thinks she may be able to imitate her fighting style. Pika and Yellow flee, then spin around on the surfboard, creating the lava whirlpool, imitating Mewtwo's twister that was used against Lance.

Lance begins to be sucked into the vortex, though Yellow tells if Lance promises not to attack, she will spare him. Instead, Lance rides the lava waves and attacks Yellow. However, the attack caused Lance to fall into the lava, along with Dragonite.