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Eradicate Raticate! (VSラッタ, VS Raticate) is the 4th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 7.


Yellow chases Lance, using her Pokémon to attack, but all get deflected by Dragonite. Yellow tries to reason with Lance, so he could use his healing powers for a better cause. However, Lance does not listen to her and attacks Yellow with the might of dragons.

Chapter plot

Lance shows his power: like Yellow, he heals Pokémon. Yellow shows Mewtwo Lance can read Pokémon's minds and heal their wounds. Yellow sees Green sent her on this mission as she knew Yellow would face Lance and his powers. Yellow explains to Mewtwo in Viridian Forest (which means emerald hue) once in a while a child is born possessing mystical powers of the forest. However, she doubts if she can face Lance and his dragons. Mewtwo gives her hope, so Yellow charges on with her Pokémon. They come near the center of a volcano. Lance explains due to tremors caused by Gyarados and Dragonite, the volcano is close to eruption.

Dragonite uses Strength, destroying some rocks, causing lava to burst out. Yellow gets burned, so Omny uses Water Gun to cool her down. The volcano erupts, showing off massive power. Lance knows Dragon Pokémon are difficult to capture, but once trained, they are immensely powerful. Yellow remembers Blaine trained to dodge such attacks, as the camper used Arcanine to create balls of flame. She also remembers Blue crashing boulders, as they must've foreseen such things would happen. Yellow's Dody uses Peck and Ratty Super Fang on Dragonite, who bashes them away.

Omny uses Water Gun, Kitty String Shot and Gravvy Take Down, but all gets blown away by Dragonite, as Lance knows Dragonite's armor is powerful. Yellow promises not to run away, else the cities would be destroyed. Lance promises after he destroys the cities, he will rebuild them without the human arrogance, where Pokémon can live in freedom. Yellow yells out that is wrong, as even if she saw the effects of human arrogance on Pokémon, that does not give Lance the right to use Pokémon for destroying. Yellow points out that even Pokémon have been hurt by Lance's rampage. Lance orders her to be silent, but Yellow admits she does not like even if her opponent's Pokémon gets injured.

Yellow asks why does he use the healing power for evil. Lance curses her, but Yellow recites what Red said: if one treats the Pokémon nicely, they will always be their friends. She asks if Lance's Pokémon are his friends. Lance orders Dragonite to use Fire Blast, powered by lava, which pushes Yellow to a rock, into the lava lake.