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Aerodactyl Redux (VSプテラ③, VS Aerodactyl ③) is the 3rd chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 7.


Blaine's Mewtwo manages to crack Lance's Balls, though Blaine faints. However, Lance shows off his Pokémon already left their Balls, managing to make a new team. Yellow sends her Pokémon and takes Mewtwo, to track Lance, who shows a new power.

Chapter plot

Mewtwo goes to reach the buttons on Lance's Ultra Balls. It blasts Lance, causing him to fall down and cracking the Balls. Blaine is glad, but faints, as it past three minutes after Mewtwo was sent out. Yellow is glad Lance is defeated. However, Lance stands up and is amazed Mewtwo managed to crack the Ultra Balls. Lance tells that was a fierce battle, but, sadly for Yellow, the Ultra Balls were empty. Lance shows his other Pokémon behind him, a Gyarados and a Dragonite.

Lance tells the tremors beneath the earth were caused by Gyarados and Dragonite, who pushed Blaine and Yellow out of the caves, as he intentionally left the Balls empty. Lance presents his elite force: Aerodactyl, two Dragonair, a Gyarados and a Dragonite. Yellow does not see what to do, so Mewtwo attacks. Lance knows Blaine's connection with Mewtwo, so asks will it attack, but to kill Blaine in the process. Instead, Mewtwo comes into its Master Ball.

Yellow sees it is up to her to finish Lance. She sends all her Pokémon, but Lance sees none of them have evolved, though Yellow tells she has not let them. Lance rides off, while Yellow takes Mewtwo to use for later. Lance tells it won't be like in the Vermilion City, as he goes to heal Dragonair and Aerodactyl, shocking Yellow.