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Draggin' In Dragonair (VSプテラ②, VS Aerodactyl ②) is the 2nd chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 7.


Blaine uses Mewtwo against Lance's dragons, switching offensive and defensive powers. However, Blaine's arm begins to react, so Yellow and Blaine make a plan to end the battle as quickly as possible.

Chapter plot

Blaine's Mewtwo blocks Lance's Aerodactyl's Supersonic. Suddenly, Yellow sees she and Blaine are floating, as Mewtwo uses the psychic powers to move them around, while also trying to throw Lance off balance. Lance sends his two Dragonair, who conjure stormclouds. Dragonair use Agility, sweeping winds on Mewtwo, while Yellow sees as if they were the gods of the storm. Mewtwo forms a shield, protecting itself, Blaine and Yellow from lightning. Blaine notes the Dragonair can control weather, showing off their power. Mewtwo, per Blaine's command, drops the barrier and goes to carry Yellow around.

Lance's Dragonair attack, though Mewtwo protects Yellow. Mewtwo creates a tornado, so Lance sees it is a weather battle, as Mewtwo uses Psywave, trying to suck Dragonair into the vortex. Amazingly, the Dragonair wrap each other, forming a circle to gain a chance to attack. Mewtwo protects Blaine and Yellow, so Aerodactyl flies to Mewtwo, as Lance hopes to defeat them in close combat. Mewtwo summons a giant spoon, a powerful psychic weapon, to defeat Aerodactyl.

However, Blaine's arm reacts, as he had to inject Mewtwo's cells into his own body to maintain a link, which is why they must be together to fight, else it would cause too much stress on Mewtwo. He tells Yellow he always puts Mewtwo in a special liquid in the Master Ball and transports it around. When Mewtwo is more than three minutes out in battle, Blaine's skin reacts, so goes to finish the battle. To do that, Blaine focuses on attacking Lance's Poké Balls, disabling him to use any other Pokémon, using Mewtwo's spoon. Pika and Yellow distract Lance, while Mewtwo uses the spoon, transforming it into a fork to stretch it out, destroying the buttons on the Balls.