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Airing Out Aerodactyl (VSプテラ①, VS Aerodactyl ①) is the 1st chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 7.


As the Gym Leaders see the Elite Four's Pokémon army is gathering badges, Yellow and Blaine continue their expedition. They face Lance, who survived Yellow's previous encounter. He uses Aerodactyl to blast Blaine and Yellow, but Blaine uses a Pokémon he created.

Chapter plot

A Haunter sees Starmie launched in the air and throws a rock. Misty uses Krabby, who uses Guillotine, smashing the rock. Misty notices that the Pokémon attack the cities with the Gyms. Erika sees the Elite Four planned the attack on the Gym Leaders, as if they want to steal something. Suddenly, Misty and Erika get attacked, as the Pokémon take their badges, which the Elite Four plan to take. Misty urges Starmie to take the message to Cerise Island.

Blaine stands up and wakes up Yellow, who is shocked, as her hat is missing. Yellow puts her hat on, but sees Red's Pokédex and her sketchbook are missing. She still remembers they were very close to Red, but couldn't get his attention. Blaine sees they were swept away and gives Yellow a riddle: what has one entrance and three exits? Yellow answers a sweater, which Blaine confirms. However, they see they entered Cerise Island but have no visible exits. He thinks that the only way to get off is by defeating each and every member of Elite Four.

Seeing it is getting darker, Blaine sends Growlithe, who lights the torch. They speed up, as the cities are being attacked, but a voice taunts them, as the cities are already destroyed. The voice tells the humanity will be leveled. Yellow has Pika use Flash to illuminate the cave, so Yellow sees he survived. Blaine and Yellow face Lance. Blaine goes to attack, ordering Yellow to study Lance's battling style. Lance tells it does not matter if there are a hundred opponents, ordering Aerodactyl to use Hyper Beam. However, the beam is sealed, as Blaine sent Mewtwo, who negated the attack.

Lance is amused, as he faces a Pokémon born of human experimentation, putting it to the test. He snaps the finger, causing the ceiling to collapse. Lance flies on Aerodactyl, who uses Supersonic, which gets countered by Mewtwo's Barrier. Mewtwo blocks the attack, while Blaine tells Yellow to watch Lance's strengths and weaknesses. However, Blaine wonders how much will he last, as Mewtwo's presence causes his skin to react.