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Victim of Venusaur (VSフシギバナ, VS Venusaur) is the 12th and final chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 6.


Lt. Surge gets pulled by Bruno and Hitmonlee, who survived the fall on Hitmonlee. However, to everyone's surprise, Red appears and saves Lt. Surge. Blaine and Yellow try to contact him, but the wall stands between them. Due to Electrode's Selfdestruct, the underground water sweeps Blaine and Yellow. Yellow's hat is taken off and Blaine sees *exactly* who Yellow is.

Chapter plot

Lt. Surge climbs up to the electric pod created by his Magneton. Suddenly, a leg wraps Lt. Surge, as Bruno survived the fall, standing on Hitmonlee, who stretched out and attacks. Bill notices Bruno's furious eyes, before Lt. Surge is pulled down. Lt. Surge calls his Magneton, who splits into three Magnemite that create a force to keep Lt. Surge from being dragged down. However, Hitmonlee stretches out his legs, bashing the Magnemite. Lt. Surge is falling down, though gets grabbed by a vine. He sees that his Spoon of Destiny is reacting. Bill, Yellow and Blaine see a boy with a bike and his Venusaur. The boy is Red, who greets everyone.

Bruno's Hitmonlee stretches the legs to attack Venusaur, but Venusaur uses Sweet Scent to counter the move, as he pulls Lt. Surge up. Bill, Yellow, Pika and Blaine are happy Red returned. However, Yellow and Pika try to get Red's attention, as the wall still stands between them, while Onix wrapped Blaine and Yellow. Suddenly, a wave appears, as Electrode's Selfdestruct opened a gap between the underground water and the caves. The waves soak Blaine and Yellow.

Yellow's hat flies off, revealing her to be actually a girl. Blaine is surprised, but both are swept into the deeper caves.



Sweet Scent