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Striking Golduck (VSゴルダック, VS Golduck) is the 11th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 6.


Blue and Koga encounter Agatha's Gengar, who drains away their energy and defeats Pokémon from the shadows. Blue sends Porygon, in hopes to draw it out of the shadows. Meanwhile, the Pokémon armies of the Elite Four make their next move.

Chapter plot

Blue carries Koga, as they go to the center of the island. Koga thinks they are walking in circles. Soon, they notice the tail Agatha's Arbok cut off from Koga's Arbok. However, they notice Agatha is gone, while Koga feels weaker than he should. Koga thinks his energy is being drained. Blue turns around and sees the Gengar shadow. Koga sends Koffing and Blue Golduck, but both get defeated by Gengar, who disappears. Blue remembers when a shadow at full moon dances and has a grin, it is probably the work of a Gengar.

Blue sends Ninetales, Scyther and Charizard. Scyther slashes, Charizard uses Flamethrower and Ninetales attacks with Fire Spin, but Gengar evades and uses Counter, knocking out Ninetales. Charizard and Scyther are also defeated, so Koga and Blue see the more the shadows are, the better the chances for Gengar to hide. Blue sends Porgyon, who uses Conversion. Gengar tries to attack Porygon, who is unaffected, as Conversion made it become a Ghost-type Pokémon. Gengar attacks Porgyon, who uses Sharpen. Blue sees he needs to find a way to lure Gengar out of the shadows.

At Pewter City, Brock organizes his Geodude: two to guard the museum, one guards a Kabuto and the three go to face the Machop. They use Double Edge, but a Machop comes to Brock and grabs his jacket. At Celadon City, the Shellder clamp on Erika, who sees they want to take something from her. Tangela uses Bind, binding Shellder and absorbing its energy, then boosts itself up using Growth. At Cerulean City, Misty has Krabby use ViceGrip and Crabhammer to free her from the rubble. As Misty sees the Haunter and Gengar, she receives a call from Erika the armies invaded other cities of Kanto. Misty tries to contact Blaine, so remembers people used stars to navigate the path. She sends Starmie, to show the path in the sky.