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Electrode's Big Shock! (VSマルマイン, VS Electrode) is the 9th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 6.


Bruno continues the battle against Bill and Lt. Surge. Bruno uses his fighting Pokémon to attack Vulpix and Electabuzz, who narrowly hang on Onix. Yellow and Blaine try to intervene, but get stopped by Onix. Bruno corners Bill and Lt. Surge, who set up explosive traps to defeat Bruno.

Chapter plot

Bruno faces Bill and Lt. Surge. Bruno's Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee attack Vulpix and Electabuzz. While Vulpix uses Flamethrower on Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee pushes Electabuzz on the edge. Electabuzz puches both Pokémon, who use Rolling Kick and Comet Punch. Both Electabuzz and Vulpix are pushed away, hanging on Onix above the acid lake. Blaine and Yellow see they are in trouble, so use Pika and Rapidash, who use Thundershock and Fire Spin, to breach the wall. Bruno senses someone behind the wall, but knows it will take time and power to breach it.

Bruno tries to diminish Yellow and Blaine, as he does not want anyone to interfere in this battle, demanding that they leave. Yellow and Blaine ignore him, as Blaine has Rapidash use Fire Spin. However, Bruno is angry and sends Onix, who binds Yellow and Blaine. Bruno does not tolerate any interferences. Lt. Surge and Bill see someone is behind the wall, so Bill suspects this is like an arena: while they are battling, anyone can watch but not help them. Bill wishes he could help Electabuzz and Vulpix, but does not see any gap in Bruno's defenses. Bruno asks for them to battle Machamp, so Lt. Surge notices it wears a Machoke's belt, suspecting that Machamp evolved recently. Lt. Surge has a Pokémon that can beat him, with the correct use.

Machamp goes to attack, though Lt. Surge and Bill escape. As they go, Bill drops two Poké Balls. Bruno has them cornered and tells he will show no quarter to cowards who run away. Lt. Surge tells they have no more Pokémon. However, from the two Poké Balls, Lt. Surge's Electrode and Bill's Exeggcute emerge. Exeggcute uses Egg Bomb, while Electrode selfdestrcuts, causing a massive chain reaction that blows Egg Bomb, causing Onix to be hurt and throwing Bruno off. However, Lt. Surge and Bill are about to fall down as well, though Lt. Surge sends four Magneton, which create a pod where they are safe. As Lt. Surge goes to climb in, Bill sees Bruno couldn't have survived the fall in the acid lake.



Bill's Exeggcute