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Weezing Winks Out (VSマタドガス, VS Weezing) is the 7th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 6.


Koga gets binded by Arbok, while Blue tries to find ways to gain his sight back. Koga manages to free himself and throw a bunch of shuriken, which are transported to Blue. Blue has his vision restored and goes to fight Agatha with Koga, who makes a dangerous decision to stop Agatha and Arbok.

Chapter plot

Agatha uses her Arbok to battle Koga and Golbat against Blue. Koga's Arbok uses Glare, but gets hit by Body Slam. Agatha's Arbok bites off Koga's Arbok's tail, so Koga sends Weezing, who uses Smog, and Muk, who uses Poison Gas. However, Arbok changes the color pattern, resisting those attacks and defeating both Koffing and Weezing. Blue gets hit by Agatha's Golbat and knows he has to get his sight back. He thinks of contacting Koga.

Koga sees that Blue is being attacked by Golbat, so throws shurikens. Agatha and Arbok dodge, wondering what he is trying to do, so urges him to surrender. However, Koga presents that Arbok can regenerate, as its tail grows back. Koga remembers it has a tough time at Lavender Town, but healed itself. Agatha claims that he bought only a little time, until she can find a pattern to defeat him. Golbat returns, but Agatha is shocked, as this is Koga's, while Blue comes with his eyes open. Blue thanks Koga and is impressed by his quick thinking, as he threw the shuriken to Blue, containing the Ekans holding the Paralyz Heal.

Koga goes to finish the battle. Golbat uses Leech Life on Koga, shocking Blue and Agatha. However, Koga sprays his blood on Agatha's Arbok, for it cannot change patterns. Agatha is angered, and has her Arbok bind Koga. Blue's Golduck uses Confusion, which knocks Agatha and Arbok out. Koga thanks Blue, as he feels good to have given all. Koga dodges Agatha's Arbok's tail, as it would've hit him with Poison Sting. Blue tells they are even now, finishing the debt.



Koga's Weezing