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Allied by Alakazam! (VSベトベトン, VS Muk) is the 6th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 6.


Koga and Blue face Agatha, who uses outstanding tactics from the start, separating Blue and Koga. Blue gets licked by Gengar, causing him to be blind, so uses Koga's Golbat as navigation, but gets attacked Agatha's Golbat. Koga sends Arbok, but Agatha's Arbok changes its color patterns and wraps Koga, but he manages to find a way out.

Chapter plot

Koga uses Golbat to use Supersonic to track the Elite Four down. Koga notices someone and throws a shuriken at it. However, the figure disappears and sends an Arbok, so Blue knows that is Agatha. Blue goes to attack, but Koga stops him, as he sent an Arbok via the shuriken and goes atop Arbok. Agatha's Arbok uses Leer, so Koga uses Golbat to use Haze, to negate Leer's effects. Koga taunts Agatha to come out, but Agatha thinks they are too young to foil Elite Four's plans. A Rock Slide is used, but since they are in a cave, stalactites fall down. Koga's Golbat gets hit, so Blue rescues it from more stalactites.

Suddenly, Blue gets licked by Gengar. Agatha points out helping others brings misery to oneself. Blue knows when Lick move is used, it paralyzes the opponent. Arbok continues to use Rock Slide, causing Blue to get hit and he drops some medicine. The stalactites form a wall, separating Blue from Koga. Blue cannot see, so calls Golduck back and has Koga's Golbat use Supersonic to guide him. Golbat uses Supersonic, but Blue notices a different Supersonic, so realizes there is another Golbat, which attacks him.

Meanwhile, Koga faces Agatha, who knows the Gym Leader is no match for an Elite Four. Suddenly, Koga notices Agatha's Arbok has its color pattern changed. Agatha knows that the pattern depends on the area, giving new powers to Arbok. Arbok manages to wrap Koga and his Arbok, due to its great speed. Arbok changes the pattern once more, causing its attack power to be increased. Agatha claims with the snap of her fingers she can change Arbok's patterns, her intent to defeat Koga. Koga is being wrapped, but sees there is a way to defeat these patterns.