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Allied by Alakazam! (VSフーディン, VS Alakazam) is the 5th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 6.


Green, Bill and Yellow meet up with Blue, Bill and the Team Rocket trio. Sabrina uses her Alakazam, who gives the Spoons of Destiny, which decide who will be paired with whom. With the trainer pairs chosen, each pair goes to defeat the members of the Elite Four.

Chapter plot

Bill, Yellow and Green are shocked to see the Team Rocket trio with Blue and Blaine. Sabrina, Lt. Surge and Koga announce they want to defeat the Elite Four. They admit before Silph Co. collapsed, they slipped out, but now the Elite Four are attacking the area they want to control. They propose to work out on defeating the Elite Four. Blaine thinks despite their ideas, these three can be valuable fighters. Blue tells he should propose to them instead. Blue claims he came here to defeat Agatha for her grudge against his grandfather.

Sabrina has Alakazam give everyone the Spoon of Destiny. Since none of the Elite Four have left Cerise Island, they will go in groups of two to take on each Elite Four member. They focus their will on the spoon, which will decide who will be paired with whom. The spoons decide that Yellow goes with Blaine, Koga with Blue and Green with Sabrina. Bill does not want to fight, hence why his spoon is not bent. Lt. Surge thinks his partner should've been Red, but since he is not here, he takes Bill with him.

Koga reports that they need to separate from each other, taking each member of Elite Four. As they travel, Koga sees that Blue has got that look in his eyes, but talks less. Blue responds he has something to give. Koga appreciates his Golbat is returned.