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Playing Horsea (VSタッツー VS Horsea) is the 4th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 6.


Green, Bill and Yellow try to find a way to Cerise Island. By accident, their map falls down, only to be eaten by a Slowbro. Luckily, Green sends Horsea, who uses Sludge as a trail for where Slowbro is headed. They manage to arrive at the Cerise Cave, but are surprised to find an unusual group...

Chapter plot

Green meets up with Yellow and puts a jacket on. Bill does not trust Yellow too much, but sees Green spoke the truth about knowing Yellow and remembers he saved him from Lorelei. Yellow wonders why Bill came. Green pulls Bill, as they need to go. Jiggly gets bigger, so the trio goes on it. Green uses Horsea to use Smokescreen, but Bill asks if that isn't a bit too much. Green gives him binoculars, so Bill sees a bunch of Slowbro, who stand guard. Green knows Jiggly Airlines are the quietest ones around.

Yellow checks the map, but does not see where they need to go. Bill tries to take the map, causing a disruption. Accidentally, the map is dropped. A Slowbro picks it up, so Green, Yellow and Bill wish it to drop. However, Slowbro forgets and eats the map, making the trio disappointed. Slowbro walks away, so Green sends Horsea, who sneaks onto Slowbro and attaches to it. It drops some sludge, for Jiggly would follow the trail. Green wishes when Horsea is in trouble, it needs to escape, while Yellow tells to hurry, as the cities are still attacked.

At Celadon City, Tangela binds the Shellder, but they escape. Brock sends Geodude to fight Machop and Misty her Staryu against Gengar. The trio enters the cave, while Green's Clefable heard something. Yellow senses Clefable heard some people talking, but is not afraid. Green suspects they are their allies. They go further and encounter Blue, Blaine, Lt. Surge, Sabrina and Koga.



Slowbro (Lorelei's)