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Jigglypuff Jive (VSプリン, VS Jigglypuff) is the 3rd chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 6.


Red gets an offer to jo9in the Elite Four. Red declines, so Lorelei crafts a doll to bind him, while Bruno and Hitmonlee attack him. Pika is ordered to flee and warn Oak, as Red gets frozen.

Chapter plot

Red sees Lorelei and Agatha demand the Earth Badge, while they possess Bruno. Red thinks he should lure them out, as he cannot defeat both of them. Red flies out with Aero, though Lorelei sends Jynx, who binds Red. Lorelei demands to know where Giovanni and the Earth Badge are. Red claims Giovanni lost consciousness and may be treated by people in Viridian City. Lorelei senses he speaks the truth, so asks him one last thing: to join the Elite Four. She admits they have been watching Red for two years ever since he won the Indigo League. Red sees that the letter of challenge was but part of their plan, so Lorelei senses Red is smart as well.

However, Red declines, sending Gyara and Snor to battle with Saur. However, Bruno sends Hitmonlee, Lorelei Jynx and Agatha Gastly. Lorelei admits that it would've been smarter for Red to join them. Hitmonlee, Jynx and Gastly make a formation, creating a huge blast that hits Red and his Pokémon. Lorelei tells it is a shame Red did not join, though it can't be helped. She creates an ice doll of Red, marking the hands and feet, which causes Red to be binded on those spots. Lorelei creates an ice doll of Pikachu as well, while Agatha has Gastly use mist, so they leave Bruno to defeat Red. Red tries to reason with Bruno, but fails, so sends Pika.

Lorelei also marks Pika, binding him on the same spots. Red goes on the end of the cliff and falls down. Hitmonlee jumps and kicks Red away, while Pika screams. However, Red hangs on the cliff, though he begins to freeze. Red warns Pika to escape, as Pika has only his feet binded. Red tells Pika his tail works as a radar, so he could get out of the mist. Before freezing, Red orders Pika to find a warm place to unfreeze and seek Prof. Oak. Pika leaves, while Red falls down. Red sees that Oak may not understand Pika and wishes there was someone who could understand Pokémon, then gets frozen.

Suddenly, Pika wakes up, as he was having the dream. Yellow wishes to know what is Pika trying to say. Suddenly, Green arrives, flying with Jigglypuff.



Lorelei's Jynx