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Can You Diglett? (VSディグダ, VS Diglett) is the 2nd chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 6.


As Red continues his battle against Bruno, Lorelei remembers the day she met Agatha. Red is pushed by Bruno's tactics. Suddenly, Bruno is in pain, as Lorelei and Agatha want something from Red.

Chapter plot

In the past, Lorelei's Seel inhaled some industrial smoke. Agatha came and had her Gastly absorb the pollution, as it was born from it. Lorelei was pleased, but Agatha does not approve of the new power plant. Agatha asked Lorelei to become her cohort, as they both despise those who poison the habitat. Red battles Bruno, while Lorelei reminded herself of the day she and Agatha met. Gyara uses Hydro Pump, which Onix dodges. Red wishes a water attack would finish Onix off, however Bruno's Onix wraps Gyarados. Gyarados bites Onix, who disappears into a hole it dug out. Red is aware Onix could come out any time.

Red calls Gyarados back and sends Saur. Saur releases the vines and when Onix comes out, Saur binds it with the vines. Bruno is impressed, but tells Red strength is required to bind Onix. However, Onix uses its tail to attack Red and Saur from behind. Red and Saur fell in the hole and see that Onix dug out a system of tunnels, so Onix can attack from each side. Onix goes to attack, but Bruno stops Onix, as a bunch of Diglett pass through, for the tunnels Onix digs become a home to Diglett. Bruno tells when Diglett evolve into Dugtrio, they enhance the soil for the plants to grow, as a symbiosis of life.

Bruno goes to attack, but is hurt by something. Nearby, Agatha and Lorelei are smiling, for they think humans would still destroy these plants and Pokémon habitats. Lorelei points out if Onix ceased to exist, so would the Diglett, Dugtrio, plants and many other things. Lorelei and Agatha want the humans to depart away, leaving only the elite trainers, who would dedicate themselves to make a Pokémon paradise. Agatha presents the wheel, the device that merged the Legendary Bird trio. Lorelei and Agatha demand to know where Giovanni's Earth Badge lies, for it is why they came after him.





Earth Badge