Putting It on the Line... Against Arcanine (VSウインディ VS Arcanine) is the 12th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 5.


Yellow comes on the Cinnabar Island, where he meets a trainer, who goes to fight an old man for training. The trainer uses Haunter and Arcanine to attack the old man, who dodges and deflects the attacks. Yellow notices a Pokémon with a spoon behind the old man, who is actually Yellow's aquaintance.

Chapter plot

Yellow and Pika surf towards an island. Yellow admires the island's volcano and wonders if it is active. A young trainer comes and assures her the Cinnabar Volcano is not active, so Yellow sees this is where Blaine lives. Yellow thinks Blaine searched the island thoroughly, so wonders what to do. The trainer collects rocks, as it is a part of a training for a battle. The trainer points at the man, who asked him to do such stuff. The old man says to give the best shot, so the trainer's Haunter throws rocks at the old man. Suddenly, the rocks are blocked by a Pokémon wielding a spoon. Haunter throws rocks again, while Arcanine uses Ember, which turns them into fireballs.

Yellow sees the old man will either fall down or be hit by the fireballs. However, the old man just deflects the fireballs, while Yellow sees the Pokémon with the spoon. The old man congratulates the trainer and gives him a present. Yellow recognizes the voice of the old man, who tells Yellow to come with him. At the volcano, the old man opens a secret lab, welcoming Yellow. The old man puts some glasses, a fake moustache and removes the wig, so Yellow sees this is Blaine. Blaine replies he does not know who is watching him, so puts on the disguise, plus his moustache got burned in an accident.

Blaine contacts Brock for update on search for Red. Brock reports that he saw Red on Mt. Moon, shocking Blaine and Yellow. Brock tells that Red was here before, but has vanished. Brock tells that he was traveling and encountered a deep pit. He used Geodude to climb down and saw Red, frozen and melting!


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