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Extricated from Exeggutor (VSナッシー, VS Exeggutor) is the 11th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 5.


Yellow finds an injured Farfetch'd and heals it, then goes to help it find its nest. However, they get lost in the forest. Even more shocking is that the trees move, so Yellow escapes with Farfetch'd. At the same time, Lance, who has been defeated by Yellow, makes a new plan with the Elite Four.

Chapter plot

As Yellow fishes, he and Pika notice a Farfetch'd, who is falling in water. Pika uses Surf, while Yellow uses the string to pull Farfetch'd out of water, saving it. Yellow notices its wing is hurt, so uses the power to heal Farfetch'd. Farfetch'd tells him that Farfetch'd couldn't find the nest and the forest attacked it. Yellow comes to the forest and sees it is easy to get lost in. Farfetch'd also tells the forest changes every time someone passes through. Yellow sends Kitty, who releases a string, which Yellow attaches to a tree, so they wouldn't get lost.

Yellow walks with Farfetch'd and Pika, but on his way, sees Kitty's thread. Yellow is shocked, as they have been walking in circles. Yellow feels something is wrong. A fruit is launched, which Pika stops using Thunderbolt. Yellow also sees the trees are moving. Yellow sends Dody and goes on it, running away from these trees. Yellow soon sees the trees are actually Exeggutor and Oddish. Yellow quickly contacts Oak and tells what is happening. Oak does not understand, as it is not a breeding season, so suspects a great disaster has, or is, happening.

At Cerise Island, Agatha and Lorelei see Lance training, as he is about to make his next move: to attack Yellow. Yellow knows that even if the forest vanished, Farfetch'd can still make its own nest, who thanks Yellow. Yellow is still troubled what kind of force could upset Pokémon. At the lab, a woman helps Prof. Oak, who is actually her grandfather. The woman notices Yellow's picture and thinks he is an interesting person. Oak tells that the child is battling the Elite Four, who are much more powerful than the Gym Leaders. They are calling this child, who can cure Pokémon with a single touch, Yellow. Oak admits he is starting to believe in him.