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Breath of the Dragonair Part 3 (VSハクリュー(後編(こうへん)) VS Dragonair (Part 3)) is the 10th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 5.


Yellow and Pika get thrown in the sea by Lance, who does not wish humans to be with Pokémon. However, Yellow notices Pika's illusion repelling water and comes with a new move, ensuring her victory.

Chapter plot

Yellow is wrapped by Dragonite, but notices they are floating. Lance tells Dragonair can roam the skies as well as in waters, as it his gift to control dragons. Dragonair conjures a storm. Lance claims that the Elite Four and the allied trainers is what the world needs. Pika goes to attack, but Dragonair uses Hyper Beam, redirecting the path of the attack to Pika. Pika falls down, while Lance notices the scar on his ear. Lance sees Lorelei and Agatha are after Pika and his trainer, though neither Agatha nor Lorelei caught Pika. Lance identifies the trainer to be Yellow Caballero, whom Pika accompanied. Pika gets wrapped by Dragonair, as Lance thinks he should deliver them to the Agatha and Lorelei.

Yellow sees an opportunity, so Pika uses Substitute, which attacks Lance. Lance gets annoyed and angry, so orders Dragon Rage, kicking Yellow into the sea. Yellow believes Lance will destroy other cities, but begins to drown. Yellow notices Pika and the illusion, but sees the illusion repels the water. Lance surfs away on Dragonair and notices somebody coming. He is shocked to see Yellow surfing. Lance sees Pika used the illusion to craft a surfing board, which repels water. Pika uses Thunderbolt, causing a major explosion. Although Lance is defeated, but Yellow wonders about Lance's words. He asks Pika if Pokémon would really live better lives without humans.

Yellow remembers Red's words that if one takes care of Pokémon with kind and gentle heart, they would be friends. Yellow sees that is true, then orders Pika to surf away. Pika loses balance, but Yellow remembers how Blue surfed. They go away, while a bubble appears behind them. Meanwhile, Oak receives a letter from Pidgeot and reads Blue found the HQ of the Elite Four and decided to go there.



Dragon Rage