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Breath of the Dragonair Part 2 (VSハクリュー(中編(ちゅうへん)), VS Dragonair (Part 2)) is the 9th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 5.


Yellow tracks the trainer, who attacked Vermilion City. The trainer announces his plan to change the world, knowing Yellow stands in his way. Green and Bill, however, realize that they have been tricked.

Chapter plot

Dragonair attacks everyone, summoning the waves and engulfing the trainers. The announcer spots a man on Dragonair, who refuses to introduce himself. The man watches as the trainers get attacked, then orders Hyper Beam, attacking Vermilion City. The man orders someone to get out, but seeing nobody is coming, he surfs away on Dragonair. Yellow goes to track him, sending Dody to chase him, though he gives the swimmer his Slowpoke back. The swimmer knows Yellow does not have any Pokémon that can surf, but Yellow knows it is his duty to defeat an enemy that tracked him.

Blastly has depleted all of its water reserves on flying, hence why Green is sending commands via bubbles. However, Hitmonlee pops the bubble, disabling the contact, then stretches out his arms and wraps Blastly with them. However, Blastly uses Bubble, which hides the command bubbule among them. As such, Green sends the bubble and orders the attack. Blastly uses the cannon to hit Hitmonlee, defeating him. Green is pleased an attack she and Blastly made worked, but is worried as this was a decoy. Bill wonders how does she know that, so Green explains Yellow is in danger and Hitmonlee could've attacked when Blastly was receiving no commands. Green worries for Yellow, as someone else has gotten to him.

Dody tracks the man, but they begin to lose sight of him. Kitty attackes Pika to a string, then Dody launches Pika onto Dragonair. Pika pulls Yellow, while the man is displeased. Yellow asks why did he attack the city, as countless people and Pokémon have been hurt. The man replies that everyone was at the surfing contest and the city was empty, though admits a trainer or two might've been in the city. However, since Yellow tracked him here, the man decides to attack him. Yellow admits she never expected an evil like that. The man replies that does Yellow wish to be trapped as a pet in a city like that. The man tells all trainers, except elite ones must be destroyed, for Pokémon good and human good oppose each other. For it is a quest of Lance of the Elite Four. Lance uses Dragonair, which wraps Yellow.