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Breath of the Dragonair Part 1 (VSハクリュー(前編(ぜんへん)), VS Dragonair (Part 1)) is the 8th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 5.


As Green and Bill continue their chase after Hitmonlee, Yellow tries to find ways to cross the sea. A trainer comes and injures his leg, which Yellow's Kitty cures. In return, the trainer lends Slowpoke to Yellow for a surfing contest, where a winner receives a Dragonair that knows Surf. Yellow participates in the contest, but, suddenly, the Dragonair begins to act offensive!

Chapter plot

Yellow is stranded at Vermilion Harbor. The S.S. Anne was destroyed and she has no Water Pokémon that know Surf. Yellow announces they will catch one tomorrow. In the meantime, she goes to practice, as she cannot sleep. Pika practices using Thunderbolt, Thunderwave, Flash and Substitute. Yellow is pleased the moves succeeded. Suddenly, she hears a cry for help, as a trainer and Slowpoke get engulfed in a wave. The wave hits Pika and its double, banishing the illusion. Yellow notices the trainer's broken leg, so has Kitty use String Shot to make a bandage for him.

The swimmer thanks Yellow for saving his life. Yellow asks the trainer what was he doing in the middle of the night. The swimmer replies he was training for the surfing contest, but got hit by a wave and cannot compete with the broken leg. Yellow reads that the winner would receive a Dragonair that knows Surf. The swimmer decides to lend Slowpoke to Yellow, since he saved his life. Meanwhile, Green and Bill are carried by Blastoise, who flies by blowing water away. Green admits it will be only a minute until Blastly cannot fly. They are about to hit Hitmonlee, who stretches out his arms and legs, reflecting Blastly, Bill and Green away. Blastly goes to Hitmonlee and goes to battle him.

Green notices Hitmonlee is trying to find them, so Green believes his trainers are nearby. However, if she were to shout a command, the trainers would know where they are. Bill points out Blastly is waiting for a command. Green uses a device, which can emit a bubble and send it to Blastly, hearing the command. She does so, as the bubble tries to reach Blastly. Yellow is in the race, as the announcer presents the Dragonair as a prize. The ceremony starts, as Dragonair begins to surf. However, Dragonair begins to shake the water, causing a whirlpool. Yellow gets engulfed, but notices a man on Dragonair.



Lance's Dragonair