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Hitmonlee, Baby! (One More Time) (VSサワムラー, VS Hitmonlee) is the 7th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 5.


Green sneaks into Bill's house to get some data. Bill wakes up, for he does not allow anyone to look into personal data. Green tells she wants to look for Red, for she sent Yellow as well. Bill goes to check the data, but an unexpected attack stops them.

Chapter plot

A woman uses her Jigglypuff to fly, remembering Yellow's battle with Lorelei. The woman is Green, who wants to enter Bill's cottage, as Bill also participated in the fight. Though Bill's house is locked, Green uses Ditty to unlock the door, forming a key. Green sneaks past Bill and comes to the computer. Green accesses the files and data, while Bill wakes up and notices a burglar. Green sees it is a complicated program and thinks of persuading Bill to do it. Bill sends Vulpix to attack, but Green sends Blastly to intimidate them.

Bill wonders why is she doing in his house and tied him and Vulpix. Green shushes him, warning him he will be the Elite Four's next target. She also wants access to his database. Besides, Green knows Bill got involved in the battle against Lorelei, for she planted a bug in Yellow's hat. Also, Green admits she sent Yellow on the quest to find Red, though she had to use Horsea to prevent Lorelei from chasing them any further. Green tells Bill the Elite Four are also her enemy. When they separated at the Indigo League, Red went to train his Pokémon in battles, Blue went to prepare for a match against Red, while Green wanted to find the person who controlled a bird, who snatched her as a child.

Green thinks that the Elite Four controlled the bird. However, she does not know much about the Elite Four and wants to take a look at the user data, and in exchange she would protect Bill. Bill refuses, as it is prohibited to look at someone else's data. Green tells she wants to look at Red's Pokémon, as Pika is missing, so Red could've replaced him with another Pokémon. Bill tells he may be kicked out of the Pokémon council for breaking the law, but Green begs him, for the peace in the region. Bill decides to help out, pleasing Green she will be able to learn more.

Bill reads that Red's Eevee was taken out recently. Bill goes to read from where he took it, but suddenly, a crash! The system is destroyed by a Hitmonlee, who stretches out his legs to destroy everything. Green takes Bill with her, as Blastoise carries them to get Hitmonlee. Bill asks Green where Yellow is. Green sees Yellow is still in Vermilion City.