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The Kindest Tentacruel (VSドククラゲ, VS Tentacruel) is the 6th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 5.


Yellow hears about the story of four evolutionary stones and goes to find them. However, a Tentacruel appears and drags her to rescue Tentacool. Yellow sends Graveler, but it is a dangerous action, putting her life on the risk...!

Chapter plot

The director tells Yellow of the evolution stones: like the Moon Stone, there are the Leaf Stone, Thunder Stone, Fire Stone and Water Stone. Commonly, they disappear after being used, but the director knows of four specific stones that are permanent; they do not disappear after being used. Legend states there are few below the Vermilion Harbor. Yellow wants to know what does this have to do with Red. The director is displeased Yellow thinks only of Red. So, he tells that even if people laughed at such legends, Red came to the ship to fight off Team Rocket. He was thrown overboard, but Poliwhirl rescued him and evolved into Poliwrath, which could be a proof enough the evolution stones lie deep down.

Yellow and Pika are pleased and go to get them. The director warns them the stones are heavily guarded, but Yellow still goes, wishing that a clue is there that will lead them to Red. Later, Yellow fishes, using Omny as bait and Kitty as a string, but worries about so many Tentacool in the area. Suddenly, there is a distrubance, so Kitty pulls the string, while Yellow sees the Tentacool's leader, a Tentacruel. Yellow tries to pull Omny away, but gets wrapped by Tentacruel and pulled into the sea. Tentacruel shows Yellow a Tentacool is being trapped under a boulder. Yellow sends Gravvy to rescue it, even if she knows Rock Pokémon won't last long in water, neither will her breath.

Gravvy removed the boulder, but Yellow begins to drown. She attempts to get Gravvy back in the Poké Ball, but fails. Suddenly, Yellow wakes up and sees the Tentacool is rescued. Yellow notices the Leaf Stone, but does not know where the other three stones are. Yellow admires the view from under the sea, where she can breathe and see the Water Pokémon swimming. Later, she reports to the director, who is displeased that the stones have been stolen, wanting them for himself. Yellow is still uncertain why would a trainer come and take only three stones. Yellow deduces that the Leaf Stone was not of much importance than the other three stones were.

She remembers Eevee can evolve into different Pokémon using such stones and knows Red had an Eevee, then thinks Red could've taken the stones. Meanwhile, the director swims to get the Leaf Stone and meets the Tentacruel. He wants of it to escort to the Leaf Stone, but gets blown away.