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Ekans the Ecstasy (VSアーボ, VS Ekans) is the 5th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 5.


Yellow continues her fight with Team Rocket. Though Team Rocket corners her Pokémon, she does her best to strike back and make sure the passengers are safe. Her Pokémon fall in sea, though it is part of a greater strategy.

Chapter plot

Yellow fights against Team Rocket. Her Pokémon disperse (making the director displeased), though Team Rocket's Pokémon corner them. Voltorb and Electrode use Swift. Dody tries to dodge, but the Voltorb and Electrode are too fast. The ship continues to sink, so Yellow sees the passengers must be rescued first. Voltorb and Electrode use Sonic Boom. Dody uses Whirlwind, causing the Pokémon to be swept away. However, Yellow's Pokémon, except Pika and Dody, escape. Team Rocket's Slowpoke uses Confusion to blow away the passengers, while Hypno's Meditate causes them to be lifted, secure.

The director falls down, but Kitts saves him, as it used String Shot to make tubes for the people not to drown. Yellow orders the passengers to swim to the harbor, while Team Rocket's feet got frozen by Omny's Ice Beam. Hypno goes to attack, but this causes Team Rocket to fall down, as it lost focus to levitate them. However, they use Ekans and Weezing, who use Acid and Sludge to attack Yellow, balancing him out of the ship.

Suddenly, Yellow's Graveler, named Gravvy, is about to let go of the ship onto Team Rocket, who surrender. At the Vermilion Harbor, the director has his Pokémon use Pay Day on Team Rocket and collects the coins, pleased he defeated some bad guys. He asks Yellow about Red. Yellow tells him what happened to Red and have no clues where to find him. The director decides to recite the story about the legend of Vermilion Harbor.