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The Coming of Slowpoke (Eventually) (VSヤドン, VS Slowpoke) is the 4th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 5.


Yellow travels on S.S. Anne, hoping to meet up with Red. Suddenly, an explosion occurs, causing the ship to sink. Yellow goes outside, only to see people of a destroyed organization.

Chapter plot

Yellow travels on S.S. Anne ship, hoping to meet with Red and team up with him. Meanwhile, the Pokémon fan club director is watching a movie about the Indigo League two years ago. He is excited about it and sends Rapidash and Fearow, who use Pay Day at each other. The director is pleased, as they managed to train them to use such an attack, normally available to Meowth. He collects the coins, wanting to get onto S.S. Anne. Inside the ship, three men are placing explosives in the engine room, order a Confusion attack and go out. Suddenly, the ship sinks, as it is being sabotaged.

The people begin to fall down, though the director does not want the ship to sink. Yellow enters the engine room and sees explosives and a psychic attack were the reason the ship is sinking. The director enters the room and thinks Yellow sabotaged the ship, so has Rapidash and Fearow use Pay Day. Yellow tries to reason with the director, who does not listen. Suddenly, the director begins to fall down, so Pika manages to save him. There is also a flooding, so Yellow sends her Omanyte, Omny, who uses Ice Beam to plug the hole.

Yellow tells Pika they need to save the passengers. The director remembers Pika was Red's Pokémon. The ship sinks further, so Yellow and the director go to the deck. Outside, three members of Team Rocket stand before the passengers. The grunts tell even if they were defeated by three trainers in Silph Co. two years ago, they were gathering forces to rise up. There were three admins: Lt. Surge, Sabrina and Koga, each having one squadron, which stand before the passengers.

Yellow is displeased and faces these grunts, sending her Pokémon. The director worries as Yellow does not stand a chance against these grunts. The grunts send Hypno, Voltorb, Electrode, Weezing, Ekans and Slowpoke to battle Yellow.





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