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Pidgeotto Pick-Me-Up (VSピジョン, VS Pidgeotto) is the 2nd chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 5.


Yellow leaves Pika and her Caterpie, Kitty, alone to become friends. However, Kitty tracks down a leaf, so it is up to Pika to make sure Kitty does not get hurt.

Chapter plot

Yellow decides to call her Caterpie Kitty. Yellow leaves Pika to take care of Kitty, because she needs to go do an errand, wishing Pika and Kitty will become friends. However, Kitty notices a leaf and goes after it, while Pika follows it and gets trampled upon. Kitty goes to the cactuses, so Pika stops Kitty, but gets wounded by the pins. Kitty falls down and dreams a bit, making Pika relieved. However, Kitty wants to eat a nice meal, so Pika presents some leaves, rocks and acorns.

However, Kitty is disgusted, but still hungry. Suddenly, a bunch of Pidgeotto come and take Kitty, but Pika manages to electrocute them. Kitty is sad, but Pika finds a flower for it. Yellow comes back with the Vermilion flowers, as that is what Caterpie eats. However, she sees Pika and Kitty sleeping, with a flower on Kitty's head.


This is the shortest Pokémon Adventures chapter, only 8 pages long.