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Can't Catch Caterpie! (VSキャタピー, VS Caterpie) is the 1st chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 5.


Yellow starts the training with Blue, though notices Caterpie she saved in Celadon City. She goes to capture it, but Blue witnesses her (low) trainer skills quality.

Chapter plot

Yellow and Pika wake up. Yellow tries to find Blue, who promised to train him. Yellow sees him and a boulder is falling on him. Yellow warns him, though Blue sends Scyther, who cuts the boulder in pieces. Blue orders Charizard to push one more boulder, making Yellow shocked at such training. Yellow asks for training, but Blue ignores him. Yellow decides to watch, but hears something in the bush. Yellow sees a Caterpie and remembers it is the one from Celadon City, one that Pika saved from being burned. Blue advises Yellow to capture it and train it. Yellow sends Ratty to battle it. Blue thinks Caterpie would serve well if it will be evolved to the final stage, and if Yellow is a good trainer to do that.

At night, Blue thinks that Yellow could've captured Caterpie and had it evolve into Metapod during the day. Blue finds Yellow and Ratty, who are exhausted, as they don't want to catch it. Yellow admits she does not want to battle it, wanting to find non-combative ways to capture Pokémon, while at other times the battle is out of desperation. Blue is annoyed by Yellow's methods. Later, Yellow managed to catch Caterpie, but Blue wonders how did he capture Rattata and Doduo. Yellow replies Ratty was caught with some assistance (like Blue did with Caterpie), while Doduo was given to Yellow.

Suddenly, Ratty behaves strange, so Yellow checks via Pokédex it is evolving. Yellow does not know about evolution and soon sees his Rattata became a Raticate. Yellow cries out, making Blue very annoyed by Yellow's wishes, while Yellow sleeps. Next day, Yellow apologizes to Blue for the behavior last night. Yellow was uncertain about evolutions, but knows that Ratty will still be Ratty. Blue simply replies one can cancel the evolution, as the Pokédex will emit a signal to prevent evolution. Blue sees that Yellow does not know anything about Pokémon and asks will he be a trainer or not when facing the Elite Four.

Meanwhile, Agatha goes to Cerise Island with the wheel she picked up at Silph Co. She notices there is a gap for the eight badge. Suddenly, a man named Lance approaches Agatha, who replies she is searching for the last badge. Lance leaves, going to Vermilion City.