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Electro Magneton (VSレアコイル, VS Magneton) is the 11th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 4.


Blue continues his story. After defeating a bunch of Magnemite and Magneton, the boy and Blue go to find Haunter. However, a mysterious, old woman steps out and attacks Blue, wanting revenge for what Oak did to her.

Chapter plot

Blue continues to tell his story. He and the boy are walking in the power plant. Suddenly, they encountered a bunch of Magneton and Magnemite. The boy is scared, so Blue tells him he will never be a trainer if he will not fight back. Blue sends Machamp, whose Low Kick attacks the Magneton, pulling out a screw. However, Machamp is blown away by Sonic Boom these Magnemite and Magneon emit. Machap uses Focus Energy, while the Magneton goes to attack Machamp. Machamp attacks the Magneton at the spot it lost the screw. Magneton is defeated, as that was its weak spot.

The Magnemite disperse. Blue offers to the boy to take him home, but the boy does not want to, as he still wants to get Haunter back. Blue thinks a bit and knows that Magnemite in a power plant is like a Magikarp in a river, but wonders why would a Haunter come to this place. Blue is still determined to find out the truth. Suddenly, a voice speaks to them and a gas appears, which Blue cannot determine out with his Pokédex. The woman sees that device and suspects he is one of Oak's trainers sent on a journey. The boy tells that is Blue, Oak's grandson, but Blue shushes him, as this is not a person one would introduce themselves to.

The woman still heard the name and wanted to repay back to Oak, but now his grandson is here. She sends Gengar, who uses Night Shade. However, Blue sends Golduck, who uses Hydro Pump as a wall. Gengar uses Hypnosis, causing Blue to levitate and lose his consciousness. Blue finds himself in a dream, where he sees himself with his old master. He realizes this is no nightmare, but his memories. Meanwhile, Gengar uses Dream Eater to steal Blue's energy when he is asleep. The boy blames himself for this trouble, and wonders what he will do.