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Lapras Lazily (VSラプラス VS Lapras) is the 10th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 4.


Blue begins to tell his story to Yellow about his fight with the Elite Four. He caught a Lapras, but a boy wanted to catch it because his Haunter went into the abandoned power plant. Blue decided to watch over the boy when he is getting Haunter back, but they did not realize a sinister plot in the power plant...

Chapter plot

Blue goes to tell the story. When Red was fighting Giovanni, Blue was going to the Indigo League, but met a powerful, fearsome trainer. As Blue is surfing on Golduck, a wild Lapras attacks him. Golduck uses Tail Whip, lowering Lapras' defense, but Lapras uses Mist. It sneaks onto Blue and attacks him, but Blue dodged, as Golduck used Hydro Pump to levitate him. In addition, Golduck uses Hyper Beam, defeating Lapras.

Blue throws his Poké Ball and catches Lapras. Blue sees he does not have a Lapras, pleasing him for this discovery. However, a young boy is angry, as he claims it is his own. Blue knows that a Pokémon shouldn't be caught if it already has a trainer. The boy tells he tracked it for days, waiting to catch it, but Blue walks away, as he already caught it. The boy tries to take the Ball, but Blue responds the boy needs to train himself before going to catch a Pokémon. However, Blue has his attention at the power plant.

At the Pokémon Center, Oak confirms that the boy is speaking the truth, as there have been sightings of shadows at the power plant. The boy wanted to catch Lapras to free his Gengar, which went into the power plant. Oak advises that it is not a bad timing to help the boy, as he still needs to train for the Indigo League. Blue admits he had no reason to go back after Zapdos was caught by Team Rocket. Still, Blue decides to go, pleasing the boy that he is accompanied by Prof. Oak's grandson.

Blue simply replies he will watch over the boy, as the boy needs to get Haunter by himself. The boy is surprised, then speeds up as Blue runs towards the power plant. At the power plant, though, an old woman is watching with her Pokémon.









In the VIZ Media edition, when Blue states that there is one way through Lapras's mist barrier, he says "though" instead of "through".