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As Gastly as Before (VSゴース, VS Gastly) is the 9th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 4.


The Super Nerd gets pulled by a strange fog. The Gym Leaders go to save him, but the fog, which is a Gastly, pulls him on a tree and is targeted by Growlithe's Fire Blast. Pika saves the Caterpie from the tree, though the Gastly still possesses the Super Nerd. Luckily, a familiar trainer comes to defeat Gastly.

Chapter plot

The Gym Leaders witness as the Super Nerd is being levitated by gas. To help him, the Gym Leaders send Growlithe, Omanyte and Graveler to attack this gas. Yellow wakes up and sees Misty, who introduces herself as Red's friend. Yellow sees the Super Nerd is being attacked, so goes to help, but Misty lets him know they got everything under control. Graveler uses Mega Punch and Omanyte Water Gun to capture the Super Nerd. However, the fog is actually a Gastly, so Growlithe uses Fire Blast. However, Gastly moved to a tree with a Pokémon on it, which gets burned by Fire Blast.

Yellow swings the rod with Pika in the Poké Ball attached to it. Pika saves Caterpie, while Graveler saves the Super Nerd. The Gym Leaders are surprised someone like Yellow would rescue such a Pokémon, even if being hurt. Blaine and Brock praise Yellow and introduce themselves. Erika does not understand why would the Super Nerd be captured, thinking someone does not want him to be questioned about Red. Brock goes to Mt. Moon, while Erika goes to rally her forces. Suddenly, the Super Nerd wakes up, as he is still under Gastly's control.

Suddenly, someone attacks Gastly, defeating it. It is Blue, who attacked Gastly's source. He believes this Gastly was sent by Agatha, master of Ghost-type Pokémon and a member of the Elite Four. He remembers this was the same strategy Agatha used to attack him. He tells that when he got Oak's letter, he went to the abandoned power plant and saw that Agatha has a grudge against his grandfather. The Gym Leaders see the Elite Four have some strange plot at hand. Blue admits that protecting Pokémon is good, but too much kindness can lead to demise. He clarifies to Yellow there is a difference between kindness and weakness.

Misty asks Blue if protecting a Pokémon is wrong. Blue states if Red was here, he would've defeated the enemy and had the Caterpie saved. Blue advises Yellow he needs training to defeat the Elite Four. Yellow wants to train with Blue, who accepts Yellow as his student. Before leaving, Brock and Misty give their Graveler and Omanyte to Yellow. Yellow flies with Blue on Charizard away, while Caterpie observes.




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