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Whacked by Marowak! (VSガラガラ, VS Marowak) is the 6th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 4.


Yellow continues the journey and senses Pika was dreaming about Red's last battle. Yellow gets approached by Erika, Red's friend, who offers her help in finding Red. Suddenly, Red appears, but is not the one who seems to be.

Chapter plot

After parting ways with Bill, Yellow continues the journey. Meanwhile, at Celadon University, Erika is teaching her students about Pokémon. After the class finished, a professor comes, offering Erika to be a full-time teacher. Erika wishes she could, but has duties as Gym Leader as well. The professor notices she is pale, so Erika replies a good friend of hers has been gone missing. She contacts Misty, who reports nothing much happened after the boy in a straw hat took Pika off, so Erika worries about Red.

At a battlefield, Venusaur, Poliwrath and Gyarados are defeated. Red gets hit by Hitmonlee and thrown off a cliff, shocking Pikachu. Pika wakes up, as this was a nightmare. He sees Yellow asleep and goes to find Red himself. Yellow wakes up and tells Pika not to look for Red at his own. Pika goes to attack Yellow, who feels Pika has been dreaming of Red. Yellow tells Pika they both want to search for Red, believing that Pika came all this way because he trusts Yellow. Yellow gets approached by a bunch of people, who know he took Pika to find Red.

The leader, Erika, has been told by Oak about this trainer, who identifies himself as Bosque Verde and Pika, who returned from a terrible battle. Erika introduces herself and knows that many seek to take Pika away, as he is the only lead to Red. However, she believes that the Celadon forces will be enough to protect Pika. Erika knows Bosque Verde translates to Viridian Area, and, considering that Pika is from Viridian Forest, he followed Yellow because of the scent.

Suddenly, Erika receives a report that Red appeared nearby. Yellow and Pika storm off, meeting with Red. Pika, Yellow and Erika are glad to see Red. However, Red knocks Erika out and pulls Pika. Yellow sees this is not Red, though Pika struggles to be freed. This trainer takes off his bodysuit, who is known as Super Nerd, who anticipated all of them going through this route. The Celadon citizens surround the Super Nerd, who threatens to hurt Erika. He sends a Marowak, who uses Bonemerang to scare the citizens off. Just as the Super Nerd walks away, Yellow orders the Super Nerd to give back Pika, for as long as Red is absent, Pika is Yellow's Pokémon.