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Do Wrong, Dewgong! (VSジュゴン, VS Seadra) is the 4th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 4.


The trainer and Bill set up a camp. A woman, named Lorelei, attacks them, as she demands Red's Pika. The trainer fights back, while Lorelei reveals what happened to Red... and the culprits behind his "accident".

Chapter plot

Misty is surprised to hear Oak gave a Pokédex and Pika to an unknown kid, worrying about Red. Oak tells her to calm down and gives his Pidgeot a letter to deliver. Meanwhile, Lorelei sees the trainer with Pika, who escaped from Bruno, decides to take him. Bill sees that the trainer set up the camp, but is asleep. Bill sees Pika and wonders if this is Red's Pika, but then thinks that Pikachu is a different one. Bill greets Pika, who electrocutes him. Bill sees the resemblance, then has its attention set at the rod. He thinks the rod has the mind of its own, but then sees it but a simple Poké Ball attached to a string, containing a Seadra. He notices Seadra is completely healed, like it was inside a Pokémon Center.

Bill is wondering who is this kid what powers does this trainer have. Suddenly, a voice approaches him, asking to give Pika to her. It is Lorelei, who sends Dewgong, freezing Bill with Aurora Beam. Bill tries to wake up the trainer, who sneezes at the effect of Dewgong's Blizzard. Bill and the trainer ask the woman, Lorelei, why is she after Pika. Lorelei reveals that Red went after Bruno, but was defeated, as nobody can stand up to the might of the Elite Four. Bill is shocked to hear that, but Lorelei points out Pika escaped that battle. Lorelei points that the Elite Four do not let trainers, nor Pokémon, to escape.

Lorelei demands Pika to be given to them, since she is also a member of the Elite Four: Lorelei, the specialist of Ice. Her Dewgong attacks Bill and the trainer, wanting to freeze them. Doduo lifts the ice and throws it back to Dewgong. Lorelei and Dewgong dodge, but since they were distracted, Bill and the trainer disappeared. Those two are in a cave, as they escaped the battle. The trainer confirms to Bill Red received a letter; an invitation to a battle and went there, but only Pika came back. Bill is shocked, as not even the League's Champion cannot defeat the Elite Four.

The trainer uses strange power, curing Pika in an instant. Bill asks the trainer who is he. The trainer replies he went on a mission given by Prof. Oak: to join Pika in saving Red. Bill tells the trainer not to be insane in fighting the Elite Four, but the trainer responds should they go moving. Suddenly, they hear a sound outside the cave. An old woman watches, knowing Lorelei is using her favorite attack.




Aurora Beam