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Sea Sea Seadra (VSシードラ, VS Seadra) is the 3rd chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 4.


The trainer goes on the journey. After trying to fish some Pokémon, Pika warns the trainer about some trouble. Pika leads the trainer to Bill, who is being attacked by Seadra. The trainer uses some of his skills to stop Seadra and catch it.

Chapter plot

As the trainer is trying to fish out a Pokémon, Pika wanders off. Suddenly, the trainer fishes out a Seaking and attempts to catch it. However, the trainer sees Seaking came out of the Poké Ball, so remembers the Pokémon needs to be weakened first. Meanwhile, Bill travels through the forest, remembering how Red battled in the Indigo League two years ago. Suddenly, he encounters a Weezing and a Sandslash, but remembers Team Rocket let these Pokémon out after doing experiments on them. Bill thinks he should analyze them and take them to Celadon City, but notices something that passed by him. Bill goes after this Pokémon, who is Pika, but falls in a river. He begins to drown, as his backpack is too heavy.

Pika goes to the trainer and warns him what happened. The trainer places the hand on Pika, calming him down, then follows Pika. The trainer uses a rope to pull Bill out of the river, saving him. Bill thanks the trainer, but soon they encounter a Seadra. Seadra blows away Bill, so Pika uses Thunder Wave, but Seadra does not seem affected. The trainer sees Pika will be drowned if something is not done, so uses the rope to pull Bill, while Pika goes onto the rope and electrocutes Seadra from a close distance.

The trainer pulls Bill and Pika, but the rope breaks, causing Pika and Bill to be swept by the current. The trainer uses the rod, waiting for a moment, then manages to catch Seadra. Bill and Pika are surprised by this method. Bill thanks the trainer, who gives credit to Pika. Bill now sees why this Pikachu is familiar. Bill demands answers, but the trainer tells him to wait, as the trainer goes to heal Seadra.




Thunder Wave





During the commotion with Seadra, Yellow states that Pika is weak to Water Pokémon, when in fact, he has a type advantage to Water Pokémon.