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Ponyta Tale (VSポニータ, VS Ponyta) is the 1st chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 4.


It has been two years since Red, Green and Blue defeated Team Rocket and competed in the League. Red gets an invitation for a battle, which is a plot made by Lorelei and Bruno, two mysterious trainers. As Oak works on a new Pokédex, he and Misty witness Red's Pika came to Oak's lab, badly injured.

Chapter plot

An old woman is checking the ruins of Silph Co. and notices something in the rubble. She remembers it has been two years since the fall of Team Rocket. Meanwhile, a mailman rides Ponyta and cannot subdue it. The Ponyta is running towards a trainer, so the mailman wants the trainer to move away. However, he sends Venusaur, who stops Ponyta and rescues the mailman. The mailman thanks the trainer and goes to deliver the letters. The mailman asks where he can find Red, though the trainers turns to the mailman and shows Red is him. The mailman is shocked, as this is the Red, who won the Indigo League.

Red reads the letter, which is an invitation to a battle. Somewhere else, a trainer battles Onix, using his Hitmonlee to attack it. Hitmonlee defeats Onix, while a woman comes, praising this Bruno. Bruno responds one must focus oneself into the training, while the woman thinks Bruno's brain will become muscle, too. Bruno asks this Lorelei what does she want. Lorelei admits she sent Red a letter, an invitation for battle, in Bruno's name, as this was Lance's idea. At Oak's lab, Misty asks where could Red be. Oak replies he has not seen him ever since he got that invitation for a battle.

Oak sees Red is only taking battle challenges, one after the other. Still, Oak thinks there is not a single trainer than can stand up to Red. Oak is still angry, as Red has still not completed the Pokédex. Misty asks why is it so urgent and is told there are sightings of new Pokémon never seen before, which is why Oak wants the old Pokédex to be completed before a new one is crafted. Misty remembers Red asked her to give some tips on being a Gym Leader, now she sees Red will never complete the Pokédex in time. Oak sees that Red is busy, and so are Blue and Green, who also left Pallet Town.

Oak does not complain, as he has more time working on his research. Oak reads the letter that Red got, but cannot figure out from whom it was. Suddenly, Oak hears a knocking at the door, so puts on rubber gloves, thinking it is Red and Pikachu, who came back. However, Pika enters, but is badly hurt, injured and falls from exhaustion.







In the VIZ Media version, when Agatha talks about Silph Co., it's spelled "Sylph Co.".