For other versions of Malamar belonging to Xerosic, see Xerosic's Malamar.

This Malamar is a dark/psychic-type Pokémon owned by Xerosic.


As Inkay

Xerosic noticed how his Inkay wanted to evolve. However, he tried trading it, using items and even training it during day, night and different types of weather. Lysandre claimed he needed to turn his way of thinking; Lysandre turned Inkay upside down, causing it to evolve into a Malamar.[1]

As Malamar

Malamar was seen alongside its trainer, Xerosic, when he watched the rampage created by Xerneas and Yveltal.[2]

Clemont, who woke up in Team Flare's Headquarters, attempted to attack Xerosic. However, Clemont had no Poké Balls with him (since they were taken away from him) and was restrained by Xerosic's Malamar.[3]

Later on, Xerosic sent Malamar to grab the children, who were to escape on Xerneas. AZ interfered and was taken as a hostage. However, Lysandre stopped Xerosic, claiming they have completed their mission.[4] Malamar was with Xerosic, who spoke to AZ.[5]

Xersic had Malamar use Hypnosis, to be emitted as radio waves to affect the group of Vaniville Town and its allies, putting them to sleep. As Xerosic and Malamar approached the place, the latter was attacked by Croaky. Xerosic was in shock, as it and X were awake. Using its tongue, Croaky slammed Malamar to the ground.[6] Malamar went to attack once more, but was hit by Croaky. After Xerosic told his story, he had Malamar use Hypnosis. Since Croaky dodged, through Double Team, Xerosic's Malamar used Topsy-Turvy. With that, Croaky's evasiveness was lowered and fell asleep with Malamar's Hypnosis. Since X had no Pokémon left, Malamar started attacking him. X dropped Salamè's Poké Ball; Malamar went to attack the Ball, but Salamè started rolling the Ball away. Malamar repeated its attack, but Marisso took the hit. Xerosic was displeased Marisso continued to protect Salamè, as Malamar used Night Slash. By taking that much damage, Marisso evolved into a Chesnaught. Malamar repeated its attack, causing Marisso to drop the Poké Ball. However, Xerosic saw the Ball was empty, as Salamè came out and had the will to battle.[1] Blue joined the fight with his Charizard. Xerosic also sent four Crobat to attack them, while X's Salamè evolved into a Charizard. X and Blue Mega Evolved their Charizard, who defeated Xerosic's Pokémon.[7]

Known moves

  • Using Topsy-Turvy

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