For other versions of Crobat belonging to Xerosic, see Xerosic's Crobat.

This Crobat is a Poison/Flying-type Pokémon owned by Xerosic.


Crobat was sent out to battle Clemont and his Pokémon. Crobat fired Air Slash, along with Malamar's Psycho Cut. However, Clemont's Chespin fired Pin Missile and Clemont's Bunnelby used Mud Shot, which stopped the attacks. Later, Crobat was wounded by Clemont's Luxray's Wild Charge and was eventually defeated with Malamar.[1]

Xerosic sent Crobat and Malamar to battle Ash and Clemont. Crobat fired Air Slash, but was stopped by Chespin's Pin Missile. Malamar used Signal Beam and Crobat used Wing Attack. Chespin used Vine Whip around Ash-Greninja, who launched him, allowing him to tackle Crobat. Crobat fired another Air Slash, but was countered and defeated by Greninja's Water Shuriken.[2]

Known moves

  • Using Air Slash
  • Using Wing Attack

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