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A Not-So-Flying Start! (風とタマゴとオンバット! The Wind, the Egg and Noibat!) is the 28th episode of Pokémon the Series: XY Kalos Quest.


The gang helps a newly hatched Noibat learn to fly but Team Rocket tries to take it for themselves, leaving Hawlucha to keep Noibat safe.

Episode plot

The heroes take a break, as Serena brushes Braixen's fur. Serena lets Bonnie brushes Braixen's fur. Nearby, Hawlucha trains a bit by chopping a tree's branch. Hawlucha notices something glowing, an egg, which he picks up. The heroes are about to go and call their Pokémon back, but notice Hawlucha is not present. Hawlucha comes with the egg, surprising the heroes. Bonnie wants to know which Pokémon it is inside, but Clemont replies one cannot know by looking at it. Hawlucha shows everyone the tree where it found the egg. Ash thinks a nest is supposed to be nearby but the egg starts glowing, showing that its close to hatching. Ash, Bonnie, Pikachu, Hawlucha, Dedenne, Pancham, Chespin and Fletchinder hug the egg to warm it up. The egg glows and hatches into a Noibat. Noibat opens its eyes and sees Ash, who introduces himself and Pikachu to it. Others do as well, while Clemont considers Ash lucky to have Fletchinder, whose Flame Body allows eggs to hatch sooner.

Seeing everyone around it, Noibat gets overwhelm and yells out a Supersonic as it cries. Bonnie tries to calm Noibat down, who continues its crying. Ash pats it, making Noibat calmed down and thinks it is hungry and needs some fruit. Dedenne climbs a tree and throws an apple to Bonnie, who presents it to Noibat. Noibat uses sound wave to detect this fruit and does not like it. Bonnie takes a bite and tastes sour. The heroes are aware Noibat eats only certain type of fruit, so other Pokémon climb up and give Noibat a lot of apples. Noibat uses sound wave to sense the fruit, but it does not like any of those apples. Noibat senses Bonnie holds good apples and takes a bite. Bonnie and Ash also take a bite and see these apples are sweet, while the rest are sour. After giving Noibat water, Noibat takes some steps and tries to fly. However, it falls down and begins crying. Ash pats Noibat to calm it down while Serena theorizes that it might thinks he its parent. Ash encourages Noibat to try again as it tries to fly up, but fails, though Ash manages to catch him in time. Serena is certain there is a trick Noibat has to know to fly properly.

Team Rocket observes and Jessie does not think it would be worth to catch that Noibat. James reads Noibat evolves into a Noivern, so they see this little one's potential and decide to catch it. Ash is ready to help teach Noibat to fly but Fletchinder and Hawlucha decided that they want to teach Noibat to fly, using them as an example. Noibat tries to fly with Fletchinder helping it, but fails and is caught by Ash again. Clemont suggests having Noibat glide the winds, so Ash has Hawlucha demonstrate this flight. Noibat manages to glide, but only a little bit, before being caught by Hawlucha. Hawlucha has an idea and leads the heroes to a plain field, where wind is blown. Noibat flies up with Fletchinder and Hawlucha, succeeding in the flight. However, Noibat and Hawlucha, who attempted to protect it, are captured by Team Rocket. Fletchinder goes to use Steel Wing to save them, but James sends Inkay, who sprays ink onto it, who falls down, but is rescued by Ash. Jessie throws a cube, releasing smoke, causing the balloon to disappear.

After wiping the ink off, Ash sends Fletchinder to look for Team Rocket. Team Rocket has Hawlucha and Noibat tied up. Noibat uses Supersonic, but Team Rocket has ear plugs, preventing that move from working. Noibat tries to escape, but fails. Hawlucha tries as well, but also fails. Meowth wonders how Noibat evolves. Jessie hopes it is not by stone, nor by being at special time or place. She thinks it needs to be held upside down, as Inkay comes out. James reads it needs to be raised, disappointing Jessie. Hawlucha manages to cut the ropes and tries to sneak away with Noibat before being spotted by Jessie. James has Inkay attack them, but Hawlucha hits it back by using High Jump Kick as it landed close to Team Rocket. Seeing Hawlucha's strength, Noibat not only look at it in awe but also became fascinated. Noibat tries to fly off, but is still inexperienced but Hawlucha catches it in time before hitting the ground. Jessie and James send Pumpkaboo and Inkay after those two, after realizing that Hawlucha is behind their escape efforts. Pumpkaboo uses Shadow Ball, but misses. Inkay tries to tackle them, but Hawlucha and Noibat dodge. Hawlucha hits Inkay, who is pushed towards Pumpkaboo.

Hawlucha and Noibat go inside a cave. Pumpkaboo and Inkay report to Team Rocket they fled inside, so the latter leave Pumpkaboo and Inkay at the entrance to attack while they go inside, while Fletchinder observes. Team Rocket goes in to search for the two Flying-types. Hawlucha wants to fight them, but Noibat stops him and senses their location in the dark cave. Hawlucha, per Noibat's advice, kicks Team Rocket's ear plugs off, allowing Noibat to affect them with Supersonic. Team Rocket goes out of the cave, but are attacked by Pumpkaboo's Dark Pulse and Inkay's Psybeam. Inkay and Pumpkaboo realize they targeted their Trainers by mistake rather than Hawlucha and Noibat as they apologized for what happened. The heroes arrive and demand to know where Hawlucha and Noibat are. Team Rocket does not know where they are but the heroes believed that they're lying. Jessie has Pumpkaboo use Dark Pulse but the heroes avoid it as Ash sends Frogadier, who dodges Inkay's Psybeam and uses Water Pulse and Aerial Ace on Inkay and Pumpkaboo. Followed with Pikachu's Thunderbolt, Team Rocket blasts off.

Hawlucha and Noibat come out, unharmed. Ash thanks Hawlucha for keeping Noibat safe. Later, after Noibat is fed and reading to hit the road, Ash asked it what its gonna do, much to its confusion. Ash gets an idea as Noibat could travel with him and the group. Hearing this, Noibat happily agrees with Ash's idea as it leaps into his arms as it doesn’t want to leave him and the rest of the gang. Serena realized that she was right about Noibat thinking Ash as its parent with Pikachu agreeing with her and Hawlucha excited that his new friend is gonna stay with them. Ash touches Noibat with the Poké Ball, as it allows itself to be caught. Ash sends Noibat, who tries to fly, but still fails. Clemont sees they still have to teach Noibat to fly. After Hawlucha and Noibat got up in the air, Ash tells the Wrestling Pokémon to keep an eye on his new teammate, which he was happy to do, but they both fell down at the same time.



Ash's Noibat


  • "It's ironic Noibat can't fly but it's no problem for us." - Jessie
  • "Perhaps we should teach a course and charge for it." - Meowth
  • "Meowth always has the best ideas." - James


  • "Pokémon Quiz": Noibat (JP)
  • "Who's that Pokémon?": Altaria (US)
  • Jessie's suggestion to force Noibat's evolution references the method to make Inkay evolve.