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One for the Goomy! (デデンネがんばる!ヌメラのために!!, Dedenne Does Its Best! For the Sake of Goomy!!) is the 8th episode of Pokémon the Series: XY Kalos Quest.


Team Rocket kidnaps Goomy, but Dedenne manages to track them down to save their new friend.

Episode plot

The heroes come to a river, in which Pikachu and Dedenne immediately jump in. The heroes send all their Pokémon to join the fun. Dedenne approaches Goomy, who is still scared of it. Clemont suspects there is more than just weakness to Fairy-type Pokémon. Still, they all have fun and swim in the river. Suddenly, Team Rocket appears in their balloon and throw a net, catching everyone but Pikachu, Pancham and Chespin. Pikachu uses Thunderbolt, but is countered by Inkay's Psybeam. Chespin uses Pin Missile, but is countered by Wobbuffet. Inkay repeats Psybeam, which hits the river. This causes a bunch of Lotad and Lombre to be confused, as they start attacking everything around. This hits the net, freeing the Pokémon. This also hits the balloon, causing Meowth to fall into the river, while Jessie and James blast off.

Everyone escapes from the Lotad and Lombre. Soon, Bonnie and Serena realize they got separated from Ash and Clemont. Bonnie is shocked to see Meowth with them. Meowth takes the responsibility, claiming he attacked them. He thinks he may be able to foil these twerps until James and Jessie arrive, allowing them to catch Pikachu and other Pokémon. Bonnie is skeptical of Meowth's words, but they head out to find Ash and Clemont. Ash and Clemont see Serena and Bonnie are gone as well. They call Chespin, Luxio, Hawlucha and Frogadier back. While Fletchinder tries to search for the girls, Ash, Clemont, Pikachu and Fennekin go away. As Serena, Bonnie and Meowth travel, Goomy falls off Pancham's head. They think it is hungry, so Bonnie and Dedenne find some leaves, though Goomy is still scared of Dedenne. Serena and Bonnie wish those two become friends soon.

Ash and Clemont try to find Serena and Bonnie. Pikachu has an idea and releases electricity, which should reach Dedenne. Dedenne feels the jolt and knows where Pikachu is. Meowth realizes the twerps may reunite, foiling his plan. He touches Dedenne and gets zapped. Bonnie wonders what he is doing, so Meowth replies he can translate electricity, too. He points at a path, so they head out. Ash and Clemont arrive, but see Serena and Bonnie are not here, confusing Pikachu. Goomy chews Pancham's sunglasses and his ears, making him displeased. Meowth translates this, making Bonnie wonder how can he speak human language. Meowth starts the story, but Bonnie is not interested. Team Rocket appear, pleasing Meowth they arrived.

Meowth tells them they were idiots for trusting him. Serena attempts to fight back, though Team Rocket is certain they will win, for Pikachu is not around. Pancham places Goomy on a rock, preparing himself for battle. Pumpkaboo starts with Shadow Ball, which Pancham dodges, but gets hit by Psybeam. Pancham retaliates with Stone Edge. Pumpkaboo uses Dark Pulse and misses, though Inkay tackles Pancham. Pancham gets hit by Shadow Ball, while Goomy observes and is frightened of the past, being reminded by this battle. Pancham uses Dark Pulse, hitting Inkay, who retaliates with Psybeam, confusing Pancham. Dedenne zaps Pancham, causing him to recover and teams up with him. Pumpkaboo uses Dark Pulse, so Pancham dodges, while Goomy remembers Yanmega attacking it and goes away.

Dedenne uses Thundershock, hitting Pumpkaboo. Pancham uses Arm Thrust on Inkay, while Dedenne tackles it. Pancham uses Stone Edge on Pumpkaboo, followed by Dedenne's Nuzzle. Using Dark Pulse, Pancham blasts Team Rocket off. Serena and Bonnie realize Goomy walked away, so Dedenne finds its slimy tracks and goes after it. They find it slipped underground, so Dedenne goes in. Due to cramped space, it uses Thundershock, blasting the path away. As Team Rocket tries to make a new plan, Jessie is startled by Goomy, who came out of the rocks. She throws it away at James, who throws it back at her. Fletchinder, however, finds Serena and Bonnie and reports to Ash and Clemont, who soon find them.

They report Goomy got lost when they were fighting Team Rocket. Fletchinder flies off, trying to find Goomy. Meanwhile, Jessie binds Goomy, while James finds out Goomy may evolve into Goodra. They decide to keep Goomy and Jessie tries to cuff Goomy, who slips away. Pumpkaboo uses Shadow Ball on Goomy, who uses Rain Dance at Jessie. Jessie is displeased, for her hair is ruined. Pumpkaboo uses Shadow Ball, though Dedenne appears, countering the attack. Inkay tackles Dedenne, who uses Thundershock. Wobbuffet takes the hit and retaliates with Mirror Coat, hitting Dedenne back. Jessie throws another cuff to bind Goomy, though Dedenne knocks that away. Pumpkaboo uses Shadow Ball, but Dedenne takes the hit. Inkay tackles Dedenne, who does not give up, making Goomy admire Dedenne.

Pumpkaboo uses Shadow Ball, knocking Dedenne down. It uses Dark Pulse, though this time Goomy takes the hit, as well as Inkay's tackle. Goomy uses Rain Dance, summoning the cloud, which the heroes spot. Jessie throws another cuff, but is destroyed by Pikachu's Thunderbolt. The heroes appear, though Team Rocket orders them to hand Pikachu. Bunnelby uses Mud Shot, hitting Inkay, along with Pancham's Stone Edge, which attacks Pumpkaboo. With a Thunderbolt, Team Rocket is blasted off again. Bonnie picks Dedenne, who has been injured. Soon, Clemont heals Dedenne, who stands up and its ear chewed by Goomy. The heroes are surprised Goomy is now fine with Dedenne around. Dedenne is pleased and shocks Goomy, symbolizing their new friendship.




  • "Our balloon blasts off!" - Jessie and James
  • "Zilch!" - Jessie
  • "Zero!" - James
  • "Nada! Ta-ta!" - Meowth


  • "Pokémon Quiz:" Dedenne (JP)
  • "Who's that Pokémon?:" Lotad (US)
  • This is the only time in the XY series where the character featured in the title card focus spot is Dedenne.
  • Team Rocket blasts off thrice in this episode.
  • Meowth learns how to speak in electricity. He was unable to in the Black and White series.

Dub differences

Dedenne's focus in the title card segment was changed to Ash. It is also Serena in some versions, such as the originally aired version and home video releases in the United States.